The untapped potential of Mexican mixology
Mario Beltrán y Puga, who works both in Budapest and Mexico City, shares thoughts on Mexican mixology
Surprising health benefits of eating grasshoppers
According to UNAM experts, chapulines are more rich in protein than beef, chicken, and pork
The pre-Hispanic origins of Mexican “atole”
Originally conceived as a blend of maize and water, the recipe has changed over the years
The origin and meaning of the Three Kings Bread
Today we bring you a list to explain the meaning of some of its most characteristic elements
Mexico City presents ‘Rosca’ and Chocolate Festival
The festival will be open from 11 AM to 8 PM. Don’t miss your chance to try new ‘Rosca’ flavors!
Christmas pop-up bar Miracle arrives in Mexico City
The famous Christmas-themed pop-up bar was created in New York in 2014
Christmas punch is a traditional beverage but it's also an ally against colds as it has a high vitamins A, B, and C content
Master mezcal makers to share their knowledge in Mexico City
The Second National Meeting of Master Mezcal Makers will be held on December 8 and 9 in San Ángel
Mexican chef Patricia Quintana passes away
Mexican chef Patricia Quintana passed away on November 26, at the age of 72
The Mexican origin of turkeys
Turkey is a product from Mexico, in the genus Meleagris gallpavo, also known as wild turkey and the Ocellated turkey comes from the Yucatán Peninsula