The Mexican origin of turkeys
Turkey is a product from Mexico, in the genus Meleagris gallpavo, also known as wild turkey and the Ocellated turkey comes from the Yucatán Peninsula
Mexican chef shares his culinary secrets in Canada
Othon Gayosso visited Toronto to give a culinary tasting to Canadians at the "Fonda Lola" restaurant
Yucatán gastronomy dazzles the World Travel Market Fair
The Mexican state of Yucatán attracted the palates of attendees at the WTM in London
Mexico, Latin America's culinary hub
Mexico has 11 restaurants inside the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list
One of the main attractions was the Awesome Museum, an exhibition of incredible cakes made by talented chefs
World-famous chefs at gastronomic festival in the Riviera Nayarit
The festival's program is formed by conferences, wine tastings, workshops, tastings, and cooking shows; activities of great interest for culinary students
The Best Of Mexico’s Culinary Traditions led by 5 top Mexican chefs
From October 10 to 14, the Grand Velas Mayan Riviera hotel will host “The Best of Mexico’s Culinary Traditions”
Second Mexico City Ramen Festival starts this week
Come join the celebration of ramen at the Mexico-Japan Association in Mexico City on October 6 and 7
13 Mexican chocolates awarded at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards
The International Chocolate Awards announced the winners of the 2018 Americas Competition