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Military desertion
Mexico has already suffered the consequences of a lack of control over those who abandon the army
Security: a failed legacy
The presence and control drug cartels possess over large regions of the country can only be explained by their power to corrupt the authorities
Failed justice
There are many cases where the accused is freed because the evidence is flimsy
Mexico City: Crime and corruption
Policies implemented in other regions have shown that decent salaries and strict trust control tests are key factors to end corruption
Doctors reject jobs due to crime and violence
Gabriel O’Shea Cuevas admitted there are 30 doctor positions and 50 nurse positions available in the south of the state because interns refuse to work in the region next to Guerrero, Michoacán, and Morelos
El Chapo allegedly bribed high-ranking government officials
Zambada said he paid “a few million” dollars to a Mexico City government official while López Obrador was the mayor
Who's El Tortas? Mexico City's most notorious drug lord
He began his criminal career and 12, by age 15 he had already murdered and kidnapped someone
Garibaldi's harsh reality
Organized crime is deeply rooted in Mexico City, and operates a few steps away from government offices
157 dead bodies wandering the streets of Guadalajara
157 bodies in a refrigerated container on the back of a trailer have been wandering Guadalajara's metropolitan area, as local authorities don't have the necessary infrastructure to preserve them
The DEA lists El Chapo's son as one of the most wanted criminals in the US
Guzmán Salazar coordinated the Sinaloa's cartel cocaine, weed, and heroin transportation to the US between 2004 and 2005, and an arrest warrant was issued against him in 2009