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Who's El Tortas? Mexico City's most notorious drug lord
He began his criminal career and 12, by age 15 he had already murdered and kidnapped someone
Garibaldi's harsh reality
Organized crime is deeply rooted in Mexico City, and operates a few steps away from government offices
157 dead bodies wandering the streets of Guadalajara
157 bodies in a refrigerated container on the back of a trailer have been wandering Guadalajara's metropolitan area, as local authorities don't have the necessary infrastructure to preserve them
The DEA lists El Chapo's son as one of the most wanted criminals in the US
Guzmán Salazar coordinated the Sinaloa's cartel cocaine, weed, and heroin transportation to the US between 2004 and 2005, and an arrest warrant was issued against him in 2009
Mexican drug lord's wife released from prison
Rosalinda González was freed from prison late on September 6, after the judge determined they didn't have enough evidence
Mass graves with at least 166 bodies found in Veracruz
The bodies of at least 166 people were found in Eastern Mexico after 30 days of investigation
Underground meth lab found in Sonora
The clandestine lab was found inside an abandoned mine
PGR modifies organized crime charges against Javier Duarte
The Attorney General restructured accusations against Duarte, potentially reducing his sentence
And why don't you catch them?
Mexico City's government has denied the presence of cartels in the capital for a long, it can no longer hide their presence, they need to fight and eradicate them
Mexican huachicoleros supply drug dealers on high seas
The coasts of Guerrero, Michoacán, Colima, Jalisco, and Nayarit are being used by criminal groups to supply fuel to drug cartels