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Mexico's new plan to fight gender violence
Previously, Nadine Gasman Zylbermann was the UN Women's representative in Brazil
101 priests prosecuted for sexual abuse in Mexico
Pope Francis has asked clergy members from all over the world to always side with the victims
Mexico apologizes for the death of 5 youths kidnapped by police in 2016
Bloody battles among increasingly splintered criminal cartels have left more than 40,000 people missing in the past two decades
Italian government returns 596 Catholic ex-votos to Mexico
The ex-votos were illegally removed from the national territory by traffickers and taken to Italy in 2018
The “machete murderer” who killed farm workers
The serial killer, who was serving a life sentence, died on Monday at a hospital
Mexican brands sell soy instead of tuna, PROFECO warns
Mexican tuna brands such as Aurrera, Great Value, and others, have been selling tuna cans containing up to 62% soy
Weight-loss surgery: miracles don’t exist
Mexico is one of the main countries who consume ultra-processed foods in the hemisphere by annually eating 214 kilos of processed food by person
Mexican university investigated for money laundering
On February 26, Mexico's Financial Intelligence Unit froze several bank accounts linked to the University of Hidalgo (UAEH)
Mexican government spied Queen Elizabeth and Nobel Laureates
President López Obrador announced that Mexico's secret service, the CISEN, would disappear and that all its files would be made public
When humanitarian aid turns into a crime
Zaachila, Natalie Hoffman, Oona Holcomb, and Madeline Huse were found guilty of accessing a wildlife refuge in the Arizona desert without permission in August 2017
Mexican doctors improvise to save lives
Health professionals used the hashtags #YoTambiénImproviso and #TodosImprovisamos to support their colleagues in Sonora
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition arrives in St. Petersburg
English The Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg will present more than 90 paintings by the Mexican artists
Malinche, the untold story
English Some studies suggest Hernán Cortés and Malintzin met on March 6, 1519
Mexican inmate paints this year’s official Guelaguetza image
English "Oaxaca, a Dream of Colors" was one of 64 pieces received in this year's Guelaguetza contest
The Mexican company creating synthetic DNA
English This is the first company that created synthetic DNA in Latin America
Mexican prison to be turned into Olmec museum
English The prison housed around 100 inmates, including dangerous criminals, before closing down in 2015
Meet the first Latin American woman to lead West Coast Conference
English Gloria grew up in a half-Mexican family in Santa Clara, Californa, where she started playing sports
The African prince who likes Mexican soccer
English Bingna works as a teacher, he has released a memoir, and has been part of cultural projects
Ancient shrine discovered under Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá
English The shrine dates back to the Later Classic Period and could be part of an underground network
Comedian mocks Yalitza Aparicio through brownface
English Blackface and brownface are troubling as they were used to mock, ridicule and discriminate POC
How a Mexican scientist eradicated HPV
English She says that bureaucracy and the lack of resources are the biggest challenges
Mexico, one of the main science and technology promoters
English Mexico promotes science more than countries such as India, United States, Spain, France, and England
Mexican scientists discover a new crustacean
English Ecosur emphasizes that this discovery represents a milestone for the long-term research program