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AMLO to incorporate Mexico’s Presidential General Staff into SEDENA
The Presidential General Staff (EMP) has represented a cost of over 600 million pesos in 2018
 AMLO will slash 60% off his salary
The Mexican President-elect will earn 60% less than the current President; other bureaucrats will also receive pay cuts
Germany returns stolen art to Mexico
A piece of Pre-hispanic origin was returned to Mexico by German authorities after seizing it from criminals
Chapo’s trial delayed two months over late evidence
A U.S. judge posponed the trial of Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán over the prosecutor's late production of evidence
56 million Mexicans manage their finances online
Online banking offers large benefits like accessibility and better prices, that's why 56 million Mexicans use it
How Artificial Intelligence is changing Mexico's advertising industry
In Mexico, 32 percent of digital advertising investment is made through Programmatic Advertising
AMLO’s austerity plan could save up to 132 billion pesos
Through the implementation of austerity proposals, the government could save MXN$132 billion in 2019
AMLO meets with U.S. officials to discuss trade and immigration
AMLO talked about his plans to reset U.S.-Mexico relations, focusing on trade, immigration, development, and security
Mexico among top 20 markets for IBM
The growth of banking, manufacturing, and retail industries in Mexico has given IBM an opportunity to boost digitization
Mexican companies participate at solar fair in Germany
Founded 27 years ago, Intersolar has become the most important industrial platform for solar industries
López Obrador whips Congress into shape
President-elect AMLO will seek to end privileges for high officials as part of his austerity program
Emojis are taking over the Internet
English There is a total of 2,823 emojis approved by the Unicode industry standard and the number is growing
John Cage at the Museo Jumex
English Museo Jumex presents an exhibition about Cage in Mexico
Film produced by Guillermo Del Toro to compete at GIFF
English The GIFF will take place from July 20-29 in Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende
Scientists from UNAM develop chayote to treat cancer
English The crude extract of this "super" chayote contains a powerful antitumor and antineoplastic
English By Matteo Arfanotti in Mexico City
A graffiti tour around Mexico City
English Graffiti was shunned by snobs, but now you can appreciate it
Portugal will take the center stage at the FIL 2018
English Portugal is the FIL's guest of honor this year
Where the  huipiles are born
English Huipiles take up to 4 months to make
Donald Trump wants to militarize outer space
English Trump recently stated that he would like to create a branch of the U.S. Military in outer space
Young dancer from Jalisco shoots for the stars
English The 15-year-old dancer has won a scholarship to study at the Princess Grace Dance Academy
A new political crisis has arisen in the UK’s government headed by Theresa May, after the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson, due to their opposition to the “Chequers agreement” for the country’s withdrawal from the EU
Young Mexican entrepreneur Daniel Reza Barrientos sets to reclaim the culture of cacao in our country
“STEM is the path to well-being”, notes founder and president, Graciela Rojas, in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science